The official guide to

This site contains details that go beyond basic usage of the Streams bot.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about all the bot commands, use the fancier markdown syntax, export your data, or use the simple Streams API, this is the place for it.


We’ve added a bunch of new features in this new version of Streams.

Web dashboard. This is a big one. You can now edit, create and delete Drops from the web. Just send the /dashboard command to your bot to receive the link and login details.

Tags. You can create and use tags with the new /tag command. The web editor lets you edit them and set names and aliases (which let you use “/tag read” but have your tag show up as “Reading Log” on your Stream).

Subscriptions. You can create a Feed of your favourite Streams by subscribing to them from the web or using the /subscribe command.

More themes! Like, half a dozen more.

And most importantly…multiple Streams! You can now add the bot to a channel (but not groupchats!), and it will create a new Stream. This allows for multiplayer usage too, add people to your channel to make it a shared Stream.


Here is a list of great streams/microblogs that could make for good design inspiration:


Thanks to evgenii, Abhimanyu, nvpkv, daytura, Cam, gobborg, nobu, and Nihal for their excellent suggestions, encouragement and critique. And to Kai for writing the first (and only) $100 cheque.